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I'm Sydney Bruton, a wedding photographer for Joyful, fun-loving couples who believe in life long love

I am so happy you're here! My photography style is natural, joyful, and genuine. I love airy and vibrant images and I want to capture the real you. Grab some coffee & take a look around! 


“Sydney is the epitome of what all photographers should strive to be and is such a joy to be around”

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I'm not sure where to begin with this, because I think my heart might explode. Words could never do Sydney the justice she deserves, but I'll do my best to try. I first "met" Sydney over the phone after a friend's recommendation, and we instantly connected. Her passion for photography was so obvious, and her genuine joy and excitement for this special season of my life was so apparent that I instantly knew she was the photographer I wanted by my side on our wedding day. It totally blew me away that a stranger could share in my excitement, and freely share her enthusiasm in the same way I felt. Little did I know, this was just the beginning. Throughout my engagement, Sydney was constantly offering her support, photography-prep advice, and her prayers over my marriage. I can't express how meaningful that was to me...

Fast-forward to our wedding day. Everything went a little sideways, to say the least (ha). Messy timelines, *torrential* downpours (at an outdoor venue), and many last-minute changes in plans. But throughout it all, Sydney handled it with such grace and composure. She took the lead and handled everything in stride. She was such a calming presence, and her peace was overflowing. As a type-A personality who had every last detail planned, I would have guessed that all of our last-minute changes would have overwhelmed me - but Sydney reassured me that even with the crazy changes of plans, we wouldn't miss a beat. She kept everyone at ease, so that all we were focused on was the joy of our perfect day. Who would have guessed that Syd would have captured the MOST *swoon-worthy* photos in the midst of chaos and sheets of rain? The photos turned out unbelievably romantic, and she captured the joy and spirit of our day so perfectly. Even now, (months after the wedding), my friends and family still reflect on what an unbelievable job Sydney did.

But what I find most impressive about Sydney, is the person she is. She is hands-down one of the most kind, Christ-loving, life-giving people I have ever met. She is over-flowing with love and joy, and is one of the most sincere and genuine people you'll meet. We had no idea what a gift Sydney would be to us leading up to our wedding day, and on our wedding day, too. Not only did I get an incredibly talented photographer to capture the most special day of our lives, but I also gained a life long friend.

alissa & taylor


You're an absolute joy to work with and did such an amazing job capturing the essence of everything that made up our wedding. It's exactly what we envisioned and so much more. Thank you for the warmth you brought to the entire experience. It was seamless working with you and you do such a wonderful job making it all such a natural and comfortable process.

amanda & cody


We could not have made a better decision! Reid and I both agree our favorite part about having you as our photographer was just how at ease we felt around you. It was like hanging out with a friend, not proving ourselves to a stranger. We were so comfortable which made everything look so much more authentic.

Nicole & reid


Sydney takes truly breathtaking shots that take us back to our big day whenever we look at them. She has the ability to capture all of the love, laughter and emotions perfectly.
Sydney made our engagement session relaxed and easy and did exactly that on our big day as well. 
If you are looking for a photographer to capture the true emotion and essence of your day, look no further!

laura & trent


Sydney has such an amazing talent for capturing "moments" which is exactly what you want on your big day. It's not the formal photos that remind you how great your day was - it's the natural, fun and excitement that is so important to capture and be remembered...

jordan & casey